The Nightfall Developer Platform offers several different types of subscription plans: Free, Usage, and Enterprise. Pricing is based on the data volume that you scan with Nightfall.

Free Plan
When you sign up for the Nightfall Developer Platform, you are automatically enrolled in the Free plan, which comes with a set volume limit of 3 GB of data scanned per month.

Usage Plan
At any point, you can upgrade to the Usage plan by clicking the Upgrade plan button on the Overview page or SettingsBilling. This is a self-serve change and you do not need to engage sales to move between the Usage and Free plans. The Usage plan is "pay as you go", so you'll be billed on a monthly cadence for what you've used. The Usage plan is priced based on the following:

Data Volume Scanned per Month

Price per Unit (GB)

The first 500 GB


From 501 to 2,500 GB


From 2,501 to 10,000 GB


From 10,001 to 50,000 GB


50,001 GB and above


Enterprise Plans
If you are consistently scanning significant data volumes each month, you may want to reach out to [email protected] to discuss our Enterprise plans which offer custom pricing and rate limits.

Please refer to our website's features page or the Pricing Plans page under Billing, or contact our sales team to discuss your specific use case.