Webhooks and Asynchronous Notifications

The Nightfall API supports the ability to send asynchronous notifications when findings are detected as part of a scan request. The supported destinations for these notifications include external platforms, such as Slack and email, as well as HTTPS webhook servers.

Nightfall issues notifications under the following scenarios:

  • to notify a client about the results of a file scan request. File scans themselves are always performed asynchronously because of complexity relating to text extraction and data volume.
  • to notify a client about results from a text scan request. Although results are already delivered synchronously in the response object, clients may configure the request to forward results to other platforms like a webhook or email through a policy.
  • as part of a challenge request, to validate the authenticity of a URL that a client has provided as a webhook listener

To create a webhook you will need to access your webhook Signing Key and then set up a create a webhook server.

For more information on how webhooks and asynchronous notifications are used please see our guides on: