Rate Limiting

To prevent misuse and ensure the stability of our platform, we enforce a rate limit on an API Key and endpoint basis, similar to the way many other APIs enforce rate limits.

When operating under our Free plan, accounts and their corresponding API Keys have a rate limit of 5 requests per second on average, with support for bursts of 15 requests per second. If you upgrade to a paid plan – the Enterprise plan – this rate increases to a limit of 10 requests per second on average and bursts of 50 requests per second.

PlanRequests Per Second (Avg)Burst

The Nightfall API follows standard practices and conventions to signal when these rate limits have been exceeded.

Successful requests return a header X-Rate-Limit-Remaining with the integer number of requests remaining before errors will be returned to the client.

When your application exceeds the rate limit for a given API endpoint, the Nightfall API will return an HTTP response code of 429 "Too Many Requests.” If your use case requires increased rate limiting, please reach out to [email protected].

Additionally, these unsuccessful requests return the number of seconds to wait before retrying the request in a Retry-After Header.